Stephanie Murphy: On 81st Anniversary of Social Security, Rep. Mica Should Explain Controversial Positions

ORLANDO – Sunday, Aug. 14, marks 81 years since President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Social Security into law – one of our nation’s most popular programs that has lifted millions of seniors out of poverty and saved countless lives. On this anniversary, businesswoman, educator and former national security specialist Stephanie Murphy, candidate for Congress in Florida’s Seventh Congressional District, said Congressman John Mica should explain his attempts to privatize Social Security and raise the retirement age on Florida’s seniors.

Stephanie Murphy stated:

“Social Security is not just a government program – it’s a lifeline for millions of seniors and their families. We should find bipartisan ways to protect and preserve Social Security for generations, not tear it apart and gamble seniors’ benefits on Wall Street by privatizing it.

“As we celebrate the 81st anniversary of Social Security, Congressman Mica should explain his support for privatizing Social Security and raising the retirement age. Making matters worse, he’s voted to give himself a payraise eight times while seniors rarely ever see a raise. When I’m elected, I will work around the clock to protect Social Security and stand up for Florida seniors.”


Congressman Mica Supports Raising The Retirement Age For Social Security. “For instance, one of the very first questions was whether either candidate would support raising the age for Social Security at some point. Mica offered a straight-up ‘yes.’” [Orlando Sentinel, 6/12/12]

Congressman Mica Supports Social Security Privatization. In 2012, in response to a Political Courage test questionnaire, Mica answered, “Yes,” to the following question: Do you support allowing individuals to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts? [2012 Political Courage Test, Project Vote Smart, accessed 7/19/16]

Congressman Mica Voted 8 Times To Raise His Own Pay. [HR 2775, Vote #550, 10/16/13; HR 8, Vote #659, 1/01/13;  HR 3630, Vote #922, 12/13/11; HR 3082, Vote #662, 12/21/10; HR 1105, Vote #86, 2/25/09 ; H J Res 20, Vote #72, 1/31/07; HR 4328, Vote #538, 10/20/98 ; HR 4539, Vote #247, 7/15/94]

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