Stephanie Murphy: John Mica Ignores Bipartisan Calls To Return To Congress To Combat Zika

After at least 14 people have been infected with the Zika virus and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an unprecedented travel warning, telling pregnant women and their partners not to travel to a small community just north of downtown Miami, there has been a bipartisan effort for Congress to return to session to pass a funding measure to combat Zika.

Governor Rick Scott stated: 

“I am profoundly disappointed that Washington does not share in our commitment and has continued to play politics with the health and safety of our families.” 

Candidate for Congress, businesswoman, and former national security specialist Stephanie Murphy issued the following statement condemning Congressman Mica for putting politics before the people of Florida:

 “I join the bipartisan calls for Congress to immediately return to session and pass a funding measure to protect Florida families from Zika. Career politician Congressman Mica is choosing to once again stand with the Trump-wing of the Republican Party. He sided with them when he blocked a vote on legislation that would have provided the resources needed to combat Zika. And now he’s ignoring the bipartisan calls to return to session to address this urgent public health crisis. Central Florida deserves results, not more politics as usual.”


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