NEWS: Stephanie Murphy Calls for ‘No Budget, No Pay’

ORLANDO – Businesswoman, educator, and former national security specialist Stephanie Murphy today called for No Budget, No Pay legislation that would require both chambers of Congress to pass a budget and all appropriations bills on time or Members of Congress don’t get paid. Murphy is running for Congress in Florida’s Seventh Congressional District, which includes all of Seminole County and northern Orange County, including Winter Park and much of downtown Orlando.

“The concept is simple: do your job or don’t get paid,” said Murphy. “Passing a budget on time – and then holding spending to that budget – is the only way we’re going to stop runaway deficit spending and start balancing the budget. By forcing Members of Congress to do their jobs, we will bring certainty to our country and to the markets, and the American people won’t be subjected to manufactured budgeting crises or pointless government shutdowns.”

By law, Congress is required to pass a budget resolution and its subsequent appropriations bills by October 1, the start of the nation’s fiscal year. If adopted, the bill would dock Members’ pay every day after October 1 until the bills are passed. The proposed legislation would also prohibit retroactive pay so that Members may not pay themselves back once the bills are passed.

Congress has not adopted a budget for the federal government on time in six years, and they have not passed all appropriations bills on time in nearly 20 years. Congress did pass a watered-down, one-year version of No Budget, No Pay in 2013. That year, the House and Senate passed individual budgets for the first time in four years.

“When I am elected, I will help introduce and build bipartisan support to pass the ‘No Budget, No Pay Act’ so that we can hold Congress accountable for the American people,” said Murphy. “The real question is why hasn’t Congressman John Mica cosponsored the bill yet? Mica has voted to give himself a pay raise eight times over his nearly 25-year career in Washington – a 30 percent pay increase – despite Congress often failing to complete its most basic function of passing a budget. At the same time, Mica was outrageously supporting cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits and trying to privatize both programs. American families have to work hard to earn their paychecks and, unlike Congressman Mica, I believe Congress should have to do the same.”


Congressman Mica Voted 8 Times To Raise His Own Pay. [HR 2775, Vote #550, 10/16/13; HR 8, Vote #659, 1/01/13;  HR 3630, Vote #922, 12/13/11; HR 3082, Vote #662, 12/21/10; HR 1105, Vote #86, 2/25/09 ; H J Res 20, Vote #72, 1/31/07; HR 4328, Vote #538, 10/20/98 ; HR 4539, Vote #247, 7/15/94]

Congressman Mica Supports Raising The Retirement Age For Social Security. “For instance, one of the very first questions was whether either candidate would support raising the age for Social Security at some point. Mica offered a straight-up ‘yes.’” [Orlando Sentinel, 6/12/12]

Congressman Mica Supports Social Security Privatization. In 2012, in response to a Political Courage test questionnaire, Mica answered, “Yes,” to the following question: Do you support allowing individuals to divert a portion of their Social Security taxes into personal retirement accounts? [2012 Political Courage Test, Project Vote Smart, accessed 7/19/16]


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