NEWS: Stephanie Murphy Releases New Ad Highlighting Mica’s Enthusiastic Support for Trump — “I Love Trump” — and His Harmful Policies

Murphy: “I call on Congressman Mica to do the right thing and denounce and disavow Donald Trump once and for all.”

ORLANDO – Former national security specialist and candidate for Congress Stephanie Murphy released her second television ad of the cycle highlighting Republican Congressman John Mica’s consistent and enthusiastic support of Donald Trump, including Mica saying, “I love Trump.” The ad also highlights Trump and Mica’s shared harmful policies of restricting access to women’s health care and opposing commonsense efforts to reduce gun violence. The ad ends with Murphy calling for a new approach, saying, “to change Washington, we need to change the people we send there.”

Click here to view the new television ad.

Stephanie Murphy is running for Congress in Florida’s Seventh Congressional District, which includes all of Seminole County and much of northern Orange County, including parts of downtown Orlando.

Statement from Stephanie Murphy:

“Congressman John Mica has long been a consistent and enthusiastic supporter of Donald Trump, going so far as to say, ‘I love Trump.’ What’s more concerning is that Trump and Mica share the same harmful policies of dismantling women’s rights and opposing commonsense laws to reduce gun violence. Spending nearly 30 years in Washington has changed John Mica, and he’s become out of touch with the values of women and families in central Florida. I call on Congressman Mica to do the right thing and denounce and disavow Donald Trump once and for all.

“It’s time for strong moral leadership in Congress that treats everyone equally and with dignity – and with a new approach that puts the security and prosperity of Floridians over partisan politics.”


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