NEWS: Stephanie Murphy Denounces Trump’s ‘Disgusting and Insulting’ Remarks Caught on Audio

ORLANDO – Following a bombshell release of an audio tape where Donald Trump is overheard making lewd comments about women, former national security specialist and candidate for Congress Stephanie Murphy called Trump’s remarks “disgusting and insulting” and criticized Congressman John Mica for continuing to support Donald Trump for president.

Statement from Stephanie Murphy:

“Donald Trump’s disgusting and insulting comments are absolutely indefensible, and I denounce them in the strongest possible terms. Every woman should be personally offended by this type of behavior. We cannot allow this man to demean and harass women without recognizing the dangerous example it sets for our children and our society.

“Congressman John Mica has yet to denounce any of Donald Trump’s attacks on women throughout this campaign and he continues to support Donald Trump’s agenda to dismantle women’s rights. Either Congressman Mica is putting partisanship over principles or these are John Mica’s principles – either way, it’s wrong.”


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