NEWS: Murphy to Mica: Do You Still Think This is Still Just ‘Locker Room Talk’?

ORLANDO – When lewd comments made by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bragging about the sexual assault of women leaked last Friday, Trump excused it as “locker room talk.” And enthusiastic Donald Trump supporter Congressman John Mica repeated the “locker room” talking point on Monday, as he reaffirmed his support for Trump: “I will still support the Republican nominee.” [10/10/16, Orlando Sentinel].

Today, in the wake of last night’s New York Times report that Trump inappropriately touched two women, congressional candidate Stephanie Murphy released the following statement:

On Monday, John Mica dismissed what Donald Trump said he did as merely ‘locker room talk.’ To be so dismissive of Trump’s bragging about sexual assault is as out of touch as it is dangerous.

“Now that two more brave women have come forward with disturbing stories about Donald Trump, I ask Congressman Mica – do you think what Donald Trump did was sexual assault?

“If Mica doesn’t, then that’s wrong. If he does think it was sexual assault and he continues to support Donald Trump anyway, then that’s just as wrong.

“Congressman Mica’s continued enthusiastic support for Trump proves that he places party loyalty and partisanship over doing the right thing for the women and families he should be putting first.”


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