NEWS: Florida AFL-CIO Endorses Stephanie Murphy for Congress

ORLANDO – Today, Florida AFL-CIO announced their endorsement of former national security specialist Stephanie Murphy for Congress in Florida’s Seventh Congressional District. Florida AFL-CIO represents roughly 500 local labor unions and councils, and more than a million workers and retirees. The organization includes Floridians from all trades, including construction workers, health care professionals, teachers, agricultural workers, law enforcement, and restaurant employees.

“Central Florida deserves a local leader that understands the needs of our community and will stand with workers in Congress,” said Eric Clinton, President of the Central Florida AFL-CIO. “We need leadership that will push through the Washington gridlock to build an economy that works for everyone, not just the corporations. Stephanie Murphy is the clear choice for working families in the CD 7 race and we are proud to endorse her campaign to represent working people in our community.”

“I’m proud to receive an endorsement from the hardworking Floridians that make up the Florida AFL-CIO,” said Murphy. “My dad worked long hours at hard labor jobs, and it was the union that stood up for our family and gave us a voice. We need to restore America’s middle class by raising wages to a livable wage, strengthening retirements, and putting families first by passing paid family leave. We need an economy that works for all of us, and I’m committed to doing everything I can to ensure every family has a shot at the American Dream.”

Murphy is running for Congress in Florida’s Seventh Congressional District, which includes all of Seminole County and northern Orange County, including Winter Park and much of downtown Orlando.


Mica Has Voted At Least 17 Times Against Increasing Minimum Wage. [H Con Res 96, Vote #176, 4/10/14; HR 803, Vote #74, 3/15/13; H Res 487, Vote #65, 2/26/14; H Res 492, Vote #79, 2/27/14; H Res 530, Vote #152, 4/02/14; H Res 539, Vote #157, 4/04/14; HR 2, Vote #18, 1/10/07; HR 1591, Vote #186, 3/23/07; HR 2206, Vote #333, 5/10/07; HR 2206,Vote #424, 5/24/07; HR 1591, Vote #276, 5/02/07; HR5638, Vote #308, 6/22/06; HR2389, Vote #382, 7/19/06; HR2990,Vote#364, 7/12/06; HR4411, Vote #360, 7/11/06; HR 5672, Vote #319, 6/27/06; HR 3448, Vote #398, 8/02/96]

Mica Voted For “Pay Working Families Less Act.” In 2013, Mica voted for a bill that would undermine the 40 hour work week, cut workers’ pay, and provide no guarantee of paid vacation days for employees when they need them. [HR 1406,Vote #137, 5/08/13]

1995: Compared Providing Food To Families On Welfare To Feeding Alligators. “Debate on the bill continued in emotionally charged language Friday, when Rep. John L. Mica, R-Fla., took to the House floor to compare providing food to families on welfare with feeding alligators. ‘Now people are not alligators, but I submit that with our current handout, nonwork welfare system, we’ve upset the natural order. We’ve failed to understand simple warning signs. We’ve created a system of dependency,’ he said.” [Associated Press, 3/25/95; C-SPAN, Video, 3/24/95]

Mica Voted At Least 18 Times Against Extending Or To Undermine Unemployment Benefits [H Con Res 96,Vote #176, 4/10/14; H Res 438, Vote #637, 12/12/13; H Res 455, Vote #5, 1/09/14; H Res 458, Vote #19, 1/15/14; H Res 465,Vote #26, 1/28/14; H Res 497, Vote #93, 3/05/14; H Res 501, Vote #99, 3/06/14; H Res 544, Vote #169, 4/08/14; HR 3630,Vote #72, 2/17/12; HR 3630, Vote #923, 12/13/11; HR 6419, Vote #579, 11/18/10; HR 4213, Vote #463, 7/22/10; HR 5618,Vote #423, 7/01/10; HR 5618, Vote #398, 6/29/10; HR 7110, Vote #660, 9/26/08; HR 5749, Vote #412, 6/12/08; HR 5749,Vote #411, 6/12/08; HR 2642, Vote #330, 5/15/08]


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